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Vacuum pumps  


Vacuum pumps are utilized in a variety of sectors for a variety of purposes. To create a partial vacuum, vacuum pumps extract gas from a sealed space. As a result of the pressure gradients, fluids rush into the vacuum. Positive displacement pumps, momentum transfer pumps, and entrapment pumps are the three types of vacuum pumps.

Vacuum pumps are used in a variety of industries, including mining and manufacturing, defense and aeronautics, food and beverage production, and water treatment. The employment of a liquid ring or rotary vane vacuum pump, as well as centrifugal process pumps, is determined by the unique industrial requirements. While the rotary vane vacuum pump is the most common mechanical type used in some industries, bespoke solutions may be required in others.

Vacuum pumps are used in a variety of industrial applications. Here's a sample of some of them:

• Drying applications (vacuum drying) •Food processing and packaging • Chicken evisceration in poultry
• Canning (manufacturing of cans) • Paper and printing• Glass bottle

Rotary Vane

The automobile and aerospace sectors use rotary vane vacuums the most. This sort of pump is available in a number of high-capacity variants that can handle a variety of needs.


One of the oldest and most reliable pump technologies is the reciprocating pump. They are now constructed from a variety of materials and utilized for a variety of purposes. Chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic sectors all employ them.

Dry Claw

Due to their strength and effectiveness, dry claw vacuum pumps are utilized in the packing, printing, wood processing, and wastewater treatment industries.

Liquid Ring

Papermaking, petroleum refining, and soil remediation are just a few of the applications for liquid ring vacuum pumps. They can also be used in enterprises to remove water from paper machines or to suck incondensable gas from steam turbine generators.

Vacuum Pumps

What are the needs of Vacuum pumps in Industries?

Vacuum pumps need to vary according to different industries. However, with respect to each industrial need, different vacuum pumps are used such as

Food industry: Vacuum pumps are used for packing the food, removing the water molecules from the containers

In chemical companies, vacuum pumps are used for preventing the oil from contamination, drying the medical products, oil, mixing paints, blending the varnish.

How can we select the vacuum pump for an Industrial application?

In present days vacuum pumps are found in different types and specifications. While selecting the vacuum pumps, the vacuum pressure we need for our application should be considered. The pump’s shape and position of the knee of the pump are related to each other. For better efficiency, a required vacuum level pump is selected. Also, the influx of airstreams also needs to be checked.

What is the lifetime of industrial vacuum pumps?

In general, the lifetime of industrial vacuum pumps is 10,000  operating hours.

Which type of vacuum pump does the industrial sector prefer?

Generally, industrial and automotive fields go for the rotary vane vacuum pumps.

What kind of vacuum pumps are needed for an explosive environment?

Different vacuum pumps are available based on the directive of 2014/34/UE which is cited for ATEX1 inside and outside surroundings

How to prevent contamination of oil in vacuum pumps?

A standard time of 500 hours is generally recommended for changing the fluids.

How to Select Vaccum pumps 

You must consider a number of aspects while selecting a vacuum pump. Prior to making a decision, consider how it will be used; this will help you decide on the technology, lubrication, chemical resistance, vacuum level, and required flow rate.

The caliber and desired vacuum level should be your deciding factors when selecting a vacuum pump. Vacuums come in different varieties, including rough or low vacuum, high vacuum, and ultrahigh vacuum.

The total effectiveness and capacities of a vacuum pump depend on a number of things. Each pump has its own operating parameters, set of advantages, and set of constraints that must be met in order to function properly. These qualities depend on the following four variables:


Pumping rate and vacuum level

impact of a process or application on a pump

Effect of the pump on a process or application

Maintenance and price

Rotary vane vacuum pumps refers to small, compact and can reach a level of rough vacuum. They work particularly well with watery samples and solvents that boil quickly. Before the vapors even touch the pump, they can be captured.

Oil is necessary for rotary vane vacuum pumps to function. Oil ensures ideal airtightness, continuous and effective lubrication of the moving parts, and superior heat dissipation for cooling the vacuum pump.


                                                          Vacuum Pumps: All You Need to Think


Vacuum pumps are a very crucial component for any industrial machineries. Vacuum pumps hold a major part in different scientific processes. So choosing vacuum pumps is always crucial . While selecting vacuum pumps following points should be taken into account


Know your Vacuum Pump

Before buying a vacuum pump , an in-depth knowledge of your application and type of pump you need should be taken into consideration. Vacuum pumps vary according to each application. The different types of vacuum pumps available in the market includes Rotary vane vacuum pumps, Variable frequency drive vacuum pumps, piston pumps, dry claw vacuum pumps. After selecting the pump, we can narrow down further by compatibility,efficiency.


Vacuum level and Flow Rate of the supply

The flow rate refers to the supply of gas into the vacuum chamber. It is measured in liters per minute, cubic feet per minute or cubic meters per hour. The flow rate is also determined by different factors such as volume of the gas, the temperature , time needed. The flow rate is determined by using letter Q. Also check the required vacuum need for the system. So we can shoot up or down the vacuum pressure needed.


Choose the Lubricant

Vacuum pump oils are the backbone of the vacuum pumps. For the methodical and effortless working of vacuum pumps, a proper lubrication is needed. Everybody runs behind the easily available oil, which is not opted for the machine. So before choosing the wrong oil, oil which is needed for your pump along with the oils vapor pressure, viscosity etc.


Head of Pump

Vacuum pump’s head marks the energy consumption. The important role of the head is to suck out the air from the vacuum. So it will maintain the required vacuum pressure. So while selecting the pump, net positive suction of the head is also to be noted. The required pump head specification will be provided in the instruction manual.


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