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Metal Working Fluids


Unless you're talking about dry machining, you will invariably need good cutting oils in your manufacturing process.Metal working fluids, also referred to as MWF/cutting fluids/oils/compounds/coolants/lubricants, are the all-important agents that keep metal pieces cool and lubricated when they are being machined, ground or milled, and should be selected based on the machining application. The fluid mixing ratio would largely depend on the scale of your machining operation. Specially designed for metalworking procedures such as machining or stamping.

These fluids are broadly classified in the following manner:

  • Straight Oils/Neat Cutting Oils.
  • Water Soluble Oils Mineral/Semi Synthetic/Synthetic.
  • Biodegradable Oils.
  • Minimum Quantity Lubricants (MQL).
  • Cutting Pastes/Cutting Compounds.


  • Increased/ extended tool life.
  • Improved surface finish and cycle times.
  • Prevents machine rusting. 
  • Less heat and friction between the work pieces and the cutting tools, thus preventing burning or any other physical damage.
  • Keep the work pieces at steady temperatures (extreme or erratic temperature changes can hamper the manufacturing process). 
  • Contribute to the quality of the work pieces by getting rid of the fines, chips and swarfs from the tool used and the exposed surface of the work piece.

At SELTEC FZC, we specialize in offering universal as well as niche cutting oils that have multifunctional applications in a variety of industrial processes. Our longstanding association with Fuchs Schmierstoffe GmbH, the globally-acknowledged independent lubricant manufacturer, empowers us to deliver an extensive array of top-quality metal working fluids to our customers. SELTEC FZC is the expert you are looking for in choosing the right lubricant for your application. We distribute high-performance metal working fluids for all kinds of machining applications.     

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