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CNC Calibration & Axis Checks

Calibrating CNC machines are essential because you want to make accurate parts. You often need to measure and error map a machine for reference and utilization purposes and you are held to strict quality measures and standards. Seltec FZC combined with API Services can provide the CNC calibration and certification solution you need.

We provide the simple Ballbar test to a 5 axis CNC calibration package to measure, correct, and certify the condition of your equipment using industry leading equipment. Consistently having your CNC machines calibrated and certified will help you have an advantage over your competition. We can provide regular performance evaluations as a contract that you can deliver to your customers proving that your machines can deliver as promised.

We can help you with early detection of mechanical issues, wear and diminishing accuracy over time with our CNC calibration. We recommend you implement our CNC calibration and certification into your preventative maintenance contract

Product Product information
SWIVELCHECK The Swivelcheck is an instrument used to measure...
Rotary and vertical measurement from a single setup, Automated or manual axis measurement, Zero anywhere functionality for efficient measurement, Able to mount off-axis for easy setup, Ethernet communication, Fully portable, Highly accurate.

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