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Booster Compressors

Booster compressor is used to boost the pressure in the system,by four to six times the normal pressure produced by machines in factories. Most of the factories are capable of boosting the pressure without needing a booster, but it is costly and requires a lot of work to power up the equipment . Hence a Booster Compressor makes it easier to produce and sustain higher than average pressures.

This compressor boost the 7-13 bar compressed air taken from rotary screw compressors upto 40 bars. Booster compressors can be pneumatic,electric, or diesel/nitrogen driven. Most of them are pneumatic as it is generally easy to use and only a relatively small amount of energy is needed. 



  • Heavy duty cast-iron crankcase
  • Precisely machined & honed cast-iron cylinders and bare pumps with cooling fins
  • GGG60 cast crankshaft and counter weight. 
  • High capacity and high pressure resistant inlet-outlet valve made from stainless steel.


Safety System

  • Intake air control system
  • High pressure safety valve
  • Manual drain valve
  • Non-return valve
  • Belt pulley guard
  • Outlet pressure gauge
  • Air inlet outlet hoses & connections
  • Vibration pads

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