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Booster Compressors

Booster compressor is used to boost the pressure in the system,by four to six times the normal pressure produced by machines in factories. Most of the factories are capable of boosting the pressure without needing a booster, but it is costly and requires a lot of work to power up the equipment . Hence a Booster Compressor makes it easier to produce and sustain higher than average pressures.

This compressor boost the 7-13 bar compressed air taken from rotary screw compressors upto 40 bars. Booster compressors can be pneumatic,electric, or diesel/nitrogen driven. Most of them are pneumatic as it is generally easy to use and only a relatively small amount of energy is needed. 



  • Heavy duty cast-iron crankcase
  • Precisely machined & honed cast-iron cylinders and bare pumps with cooling fins
  • GGG60 cast crankshaft and counter weight. 
  • High capacity and high pressure resistant inlet-outlet valve made from stainless steel.


Safety System

  • Intake air control system
  • High pressure safety valve
  • Manual drain valve
  • Non-return valve
  • Belt pulley guard
  • Outlet pressure gauge
  • Air inlet outlet hoses & connections
  • Vibration pads

Booster compressor
A booster compressor is a type of compressor designed to increase the pressure in a system by four to six times the standard pressure produced by factory machinery.
Working Principle of an Air Pressure Booster A booster air compressor, also known as a compressed air pressure amplifier, works on the simple premise that pressure rises as volume decreases in a closed system (non-vacuum). A receiver tank, pipes, and discharge tank make up an air booster compression system.

The receiver tank has an entrance that accepts compressed process air from a primary feed and routes it through numerous compression stages to boost the pressure even more. When the device is not actively supplying compressed air, the receiver tank also functions as a limited storage capacity.

Pressurized air goes via the piping into the discharge tank, which features an outlet that feeds the gas to the site, after passing through a number of compression stages.

Applications for Air Pressure Boosters

Air pressure boosters are used in a variety of industrial applications, including the ones listed below.

Production of PET Bottles

PET manufacture requires a continuous supply of high-pressure gas, which is impossible to achieve with typical compression systems. Booster air compressors assist in the delivery of high-pressure air to PET bottle blow molding equipment. Compressed air is used to drive molten thermoplastic into a mold in the blow molding technique.

Pressure Testing in Industry

Pipelines, tubes, vessels, piping systems, and other items are pressure tested before and after they are commissioned at a location to assess their integrity, reliability, and leak tightness. It's frequently done as part of routine maintenance to verify that critical equipment is in good working order.

The compressed air or nitrogen leak test process (also known as pneumatic testing) is pumping compressed air into the container to a specified pressure range, then 'bleeding off' the gas using pressure relief valves on the system under test. This can be accomplished with a pneumatic booster pump or a pneumatic air pressure booster.

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