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Piston Compressor

The piston compressors Seltec offers are from SCC Germany covering different compressed air requirements reliably, economically, and flexibly at the international industry standards. They have been tried and tested several times and are stable and meeting the general application requirements, also for critical applications.

Different types of operation need a quality air compressor and with the best piston compressor applicable for a wide variety of production activities. Durability is one of the most needed properties of piston compressors satisfying the need to provide varying air demand. The best piston compressor manufactured under global standards showing high performance to improve the overall productivity. The top piston compressor available in varieties are per the demands of the users.

The best piston compressor dubai that matches the requirement to satisfy the need of the user. A comprehensive yet friendly compressors that work according to the demands of the equipment in need. The air flow to the maximum improving the efficiency of the equipment makes the piston compressor the top one for operation. Maintenance of these piston compressors is the most easiest and cost effective way making it more productive in a cost effective way.

Reliable and trustworthy air compressor methodology that helps in maintaining the air flow consistently and give higher performance with effective piston compressor dubai.

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What are the main advantages of a piston compressor?
Piston compressors are very flexible, able to meet varying air demand efficiently. They have low initial costs, simple maintenance, and a small footprint. They can supply air cleanly without oil contamination.

What factors affect piston compressor prices in the UAE?
The main factors are air flow and pressure requirements, choice of electric or diesel engine, cooling method, accessories fitted, and import taxes/duties. As an authorised dealer, we offer competitive piston compressor pricing.

What capacity piston compressor do I need?
This depends on your air demand including flow rate, pressure and duty cycle. Our expert team can assess your needs and specify the optimal piston compressor solution.

How often is maintenance required on piston compressors?
With proper air filtration and regular oil changes, piston compressors can operate reliably for extended periods between major overhauls. We recommend a yearly preventative maintenance contract.

Can you provide turnkey piston compressor installations?
Yes, our experienced team handles complete projects from initial design through to installation, testing and commissioning. We work to strict international standards.

Do you offer heat recovery options to improve efficiency?
We can provide air-to-water or air-to-air heat recovery systems to capture waste heat from the compressor, reducing energy costs.

What is the warranty period on new SCC piston compressors?
Our German-built SCC piston compressors come with a 12 month manufacturer's warranty. Optional extended warranties on the base unit are available. Consumables are covered separately.

Are piston compressors suitable for the humid climate in Dubai?
Yes. With proper system design, pistons compressors are a common choice in hot and humid environments. Some accessories may need to be rated for the ambient conditions.

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