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Semi-Fluid Grease, is an adhesive, semi-fluid lubricant, ideal for enclosed gears where poor sealing or leakage is unacceptable. Semi-Fluid Grease is extremely effective in general purpose lubrication of bearings or sliding surfaces where a higher degree of retention is desired. Unlike most gear lubricants, Semi-Fluid Grease will increase in viscosity during use, maximizing retention in hard-to-lubricate bearings and minimizing leakage from gear cases with faulty seals. The Extreme Pressure and anti-corrosion properties of Semi-Fluid Grease will continue to provide the protection needed in the harshest working conditions.

DUOTAC ZGO 07: DUOTAC ZGO 07 is an adhesive, gel-thickened, free flowing grease based on mineral oil and graphite as a solid lubricant. Contains additives to increase EP performance and corrosion protection. -20 °C to +120 °C, NLGI 00.

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DUOTAC ZGO 07 DUOTAC ZGO 07 is an adhesive, gel-thickened, freeflowing...

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