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Variable Speed Drive

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FLEXI Series screw compressor are high-efficiency units with speed control drive ranging from 11-75 kW, operating pressure ranges between 5-13 bar. The major advantage of the variable speed drive type compressors are in producing of compressed air according to need; the compressor only delivers the exact amount of compressed air that is required. The specially designed motor only runs as fast as necessary to generate the required amount of compressed air. Expensive idle times and over-compression are now a thing of the past. 

Our compressors in our Flexi range are first class in energy saving. They save up to 35% of energy costs compared with a standard compressor. The total potential of energy saving compared with a standard compressor comes from three areas:
• Approximately 10 percent of savings can be realized by using more efficient motors
• Approximately 30 percent can be saved by using the electronically controlled frequency of the drive
• The biggest potential comes from the optimization of the design, which can be realized by using frequency control.
All these possible savings have been realized with our Flexi compressors.


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