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High Vacuum oil lubricated vane Pumps


The EU H series allows obtaining great efficiency by circulating the oil. Compared with the EU version, the speed of this series is doubled. An electric motor is connected with elastic coupling. For the cooling process, a fan is connected with works in the principle of centrifugation.

A check valve is present to control the influx and efflux of the oil. The rotor is connected with the motor and it segregates the oil dew from the exhausting air. With the pumps, the condensation can be prevented. This pump is used for the clearance of the closed system.

The high vapor tolerance pumps will help to eliminate the vapors. The different HWT vacuum pumps are EU160, EU 205, EU 300, EU 650

EU 107 H – EU 300 H – EU 650 H from 0,1 to 850 mbar

The accessories include

  • External suction filter

  • Pressure gauges/pressure switches

  • Thermostat

  • Minimum oil level switch


Oil-lubricated vane vacuum pumps are available for  Atex. (Price be upon request)

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