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Combining onboard intelligence with durability and accuracy the Radian excels at delivering the most accurate and reliable measurements
possible in advanced applications. Radian, smallest laser tracker provides smart 3D/6D measurement using the IFM+ADM technology.


Portability and Flexibility: At less than 9 kg, the Radian sensor can be mounted in
any orientation and weighs less than 21 kg fully packed.
Interferometer (IFM) Technology: Built-in Interferometer (IFM) provides unparalleled
distance measurement precision as an onboard dimensional reference.
Absolute Distance Measurement (ADM): High-speed ADM laser supplements the IFM for rapid
beam reacquisition with no minimum measurement distance.
6DoF and Target Solutions: Radian interfaces with a range of targeting options
including 6 Degree of Freedom (6DoF) Active Target, touch probes, and volumetric scanners.
iVision Video Detection: The iVision camera features video streaming and
capture for remote monitoring of measurements and documenting the inspection process.
iVision Autolock Capability: iVision offers Manual, Single, or Multi-Selection target
lock-on modes for automated measurement processes.

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