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OT2 ( Omnitrac 2 ) wireless laser tracker is the ideal measuring instrument for optimum portability. Its compact size and cordless design make it possible to measure in confined
environments where other systems cannot.


Portability and Flexibility: At less than 11 kg, OT2 can be mounted in any
orientation and fits in a small carry-on case.
Fully Integrated Unit: Station moves are faster with OT2. Integrated controller
and cableless operation allows the user to operate in
more confined spaces without hazard.
On-Board Wireless Technology: Reduce set-up time and eliminate fuss with OT2’s
integrated WiFi.
Battery Operation: OT2 can measure for up to 5 hours without an AC
power source. An external hot-swappable battery can
double battery life.
Absolute Distance Measurement (ADM): OT2 is designed with a high-accuracy and high-speed
ADM laser that enables rapid beam re-acquisition.
Autolock: With built-in auto-lock functionality, the OT2 will
quickly recapture a lost beam and permit seamless
measurement in confined spaces.
Virtual Level: The high-accuracy internal level establishes a gravity
coordinate frame with just one click.
Environmental Compensation: The OT2’s onboard weather station ensures accuracy
in different operating conditions from -10º C to 45º C.

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