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Conveying Chains in The Automotive Industry:

We supply high-quality conveyor and top plate conveyor chains adapted to suit requirements in the automotive industry. These are break-proof and ranges from low-maintenance to no-maintenance under extreme expansion and varying environmental conditions. They are used in all areas, such as body construction, painting and assembly.

Chains For Escalators:

KOBO is one of the world's leading suppliers of escalator chains. We supply all operators and manufacturers of escalators. Apart from our complete service, our special competency is in planning and choosing materials with consideration of the particular safety requirements in terms of personal transport. We have done major projects for metros, airports across the world.

Conveyor Chains In The Timber Industry:

We supply chains for various applications in the woodworking industry. These include conveyor chains to transport round wood and chains for sorting lines, cutting and chip processing.

Food Industry Chains:

Chain technologies have been used successfully in the baking industry, meat processing industry, processing of fresh produce and cereals, and bottling industry. Acid and corrosion resistant chains in low maintenance versions for almost any branch of the food industry are also available.

Pusher Attachment Chains: 

KOBO is one of the leading original equipment suppliers in the area of carwash systems. This includes equipping the carwash with drag chains. We especially focus on continuous development and adaptation to the latest technologies. Apart from the chains, we also supply the necessary add-on components, such as pusher dogs.

Conveyor Chains For The Metal Industry:

These range include standard products as well as individually manufactured chain systems, such as cooling bed chains, carding chains, lifting strap chains, accumulation chains and wire conveying chains. Our coil conveyor chains move coils weighing several tons at temperatures of up to 1000 deg C. As the accessories, such as guide rollers and chain wheels for the chains also have to fulfill specific requirements, we also supply these using the latest machines and techniques.

Chains For Bottle Cleaning: 

We supply conveyor chains for the washing systems of all well known and leading producers of bottle cleaning machines. Special chain designs are needed to transport returnable bottles (glass and PET) through the cleaning machines. As the machines are generally operated 24/7, the chains are subject to the corresponding stress. KOBO chains fulfil this high quality demand as they are made with especially high-quality and hard-wearing materials and refining techniques.

Chains For Road Finishers:

We supply the chains, chain wheels and drive shafts needed for the bituminous paver machines with extremely accurate manufacturing tolerances and dimensional stability. We carry out the required heat treatment on the chains and chain wheels in our own production lines to fulfill the highest quality demands.

Conveyor Chains in The Bulk Materials Industry:

We supply the high material and quality chains to be used in all areas of the bulk materials industry. The materials used to manufacture the chains are optimally adapted to suit the respective material to be conveyed, such as clinker dust, marl and clay, to ensure a long service life. Depending on the application, the chains are supplied in an encapsulated design (low-maintenance) or in the normal design with extended joint play. Apart from chains, our product range also includes the corresponding accessories, such as chain wheels, buckets, supporting plates, scrapers, short cells with and without roller holders and rollers and guide rollers.

Conveyor Chains For The Paper Industry:

More and more companies are turning to our conveyor chains due to their long service life, even while shredding logs for pulp production and processing and transporting tons of heavy paper rolls. Our powerful KÖBO-precision roller chains are even found in presses for sheetfed offset printing for medium and large formats because of their durability and high quality.

Low-Maintenance Steel Link Chains:

To meet the special demands in leading edge production processes, our low-maintenance steel link chains are highly resistant to wear and require little maintenance. The permanent lubrication guarantees long intervals between lubrication. This increases the service life and operating reliability. There is no premature lengthening of the chain and no restrictions in terms of load-bearing capacity or bearing pressure. These chains are ideal even in unfavorable working conditions, such as coaling, mining, cement factories and continuous conveyors.

Car Wash Systems:

KOBO is one of the leading original equipment suppliers in the area of carwash systems. This includes equipping the carwash with drag chains. We focus heavily on continuous development and adaptation to the latest technologies so that we can continue to expand our position on the market. As well as the chains, we also supply the necessary add-on components such as pusher dogs.

Other Industrial Applications:

Partnered with KOBO, we can also offer special chain designs in areas such as the food industry (abattoirs, sterilizers, autoclaves, industrial baking), the printing and packaging industries, steel and aluminium machining (transporting material for annealing furnaces) and trough conveyor chains according to DIN 8165 and DIN 8167. We analyze and develop design solutions to meet special needs and requirements of individual clients.

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