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All kinds of influencing factors, such as moisture and friction, lead to damage due to corrosion, seizure, and wear on machines and installations. Extensive repair and maintenance work at considerable cost are the result. Especially under critical conditions of application, such as:

  • High operation temperatures
  • High pressure loads
  • Outdoor weather conditions
  • Aggressive chemicals
  • The influence of other media

such consequences frequently occur. The safe protection of work pieces and structures made of steel and other metals is thus absolutely necessary for the rational and economic operation of technical installations. Anti-Seize are made of synthetic oils, which have a considerably lower sulphur content than products containing mineral oil. A residuefree vaporisation of the oil at temperatures between +200 ºC and +250 ºC is thus possible. Due to the special formulation and the very fine grinding of the solids contained in Anti-Seize, irregularities in the surface being protected are completely fille. Only a perfectly sealed surface guarantees a reliable protection against corrosion. An additional sealing effect thus results for special applications, such as flange connections.


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