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RENOFORM LVO 377/13 is a solvent-based, non-water-miscible stamping and drawing oil. It contains polar and sulphurated additives and is free of chlorine compounds and pigments. RENOFORM LVO 377/13 fulfils the regulations of the 31, BlmSchV.



RENOFORM LVO 377/13 is used undiluted for drawing, stamping and rolling in moderately, heavy machining applications of iron, non-ferrous metals, steel and aluminium. Once the odourless, aromatic-free solvent evaporates, a barely noticeable film remains. The good compatibility with many painting systems allows painting to be carried out after drawing, often without prior clearing of the work piece. The compatibility of a paint or a coating with RENOFORM LVO 377/13 should be checked in a preliminary test. If the pieces must be cleaned, we recommend the use of RENOCLEAN industrial cleaners.



  • VOC free- 1999/93/EG is equal to the directive in terms of limitation of emission (volatile-organic compounds, dated 21. August 2001) (31. BlmSchV)
  • Easy to be applied by all oiling systems
  • Very thin residual film
  • Compatible with all steels and most of non-metallic materials
  • Free of aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Toxicology harmless  


Storage conditions

If sealed in the original container RENOFORM LVO 377/13 can be stored up to 24 months at temperatures between  +5 to + 40°C. The indication of a minimum period of storage does not include any guarantee of durability.



Properties Unit Value Test method
Appearance   clear,
bright fluid
Density at 15 °C kg/m3 0.816 DIN 51 757
Kinematic viscosity at 20 °C mm2/s 4.3 DIN 51 562
Vapour pressure at 20 °C hPa 0.01 DIN EN 12
Flashpoint °C > 90 DIN 51 755
Copper corrosion Cu 50 A3 degree 1 DIN EN ISO 2160