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ECOCOOL 68 CF 3 is a biocide-free, mineral oil- based water-miscible cutting fluid multifunctional usable for machining of cast iron, modular iron, steel and all other popular aluminum alloys. When used with critical aluminum alloys we suggest a compatibility test. The micro emulsion generated during preparation summarizes the benefits of the clear-sightedly of the cutting fluids with the partly synthetically products. ECOCOOL 68 CF 3 is free of secondary alkanolamines/amides and conforms to German TRGS 611.


The product is low foaming within the commonly used mixtures, low misting and has an excellent settling out for milling abrasion. Because of special ingredients, ECOCOOL 68 CF 3 is usable for turning, drilling, milling and grinding. Especially high performance grinding operations with high-quality surfaces and economical wheel durability will be achieved.


  • Produce outstanding surface finishes
  • Optimum wetting, cooling and flushing performance
  • Good washing effect keeps machines clean
  • Low foaming
  • Good filterability
  • Low misting
  • Universally applicable for machining and grinding
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • High emulsion stability
  • High cutting performance
  • Established formulation in wide application fields

Typical chemical and physical properties

Property Unit Data Test method
Density at 15 °C g/ml 1.00 DIN 51 757
Kinematic viscosity at 40 °C mm2/s Approx. 90 DIN 51 562-1
Corrosion test emulsion > 3.5 % Korr.-grad 0 - 0 DIN 51 360-2
pH-value 5 % emulsion   9.4 DIN 51 369
Handheld refractometer factor (Testroe)   1.6 FLV-T 5 *)


Application concentration: 

To ensure the optimum corrosion protection, we recommend a concentration of at least > 4.5 %.However, the ultimate concentration must also be compatible with the materials involved.

Mixing temperatures:

The optimum mixing temperature for water and concentrate is 15-20 °C Changes in the color of the water-miscible cutting fluid concentrate have no detrimental effect on the quality or the performance of the product. Product specific antifoaming agent conglomerates can be formed with long storage time. With very low water hardness we recommend the addition of ANTIFOAM 46 W to the emulsion. As regards application, please observe current German VDI-Guidelines 3035, 3397 Sections 1-3 for perfect results. 

Storage conditions:

Protect from frost!