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Vacuum Pumps

What are the needs of Vacuum pumps in Industries?

Vacuum pumps need to vary according to different industries. However, with respect to each industrial need, different vacuum pumps are used such as

Food industry: Vacuum pumps are used for packing the food, removing the water molecules from the containers

In chemical companies, vacuum pumps are used for preventing the oil from contamination, drying the medical products, oil, mixing paints, blending the varnish.

How can we select the vacuum pump for an Industrial application?

In present days vacuum pumps are found in different types and specifications. While selecting the vacuum pumps, the vacuum pressure we need for our application should be considered. The pump’s shape and position of the knee of the pump are related to each other. For better efficiency, a required vacuum level pump is selected. Also, the influx of airstreams also needs to be checked.

What is the lifetime of industrial vacuum pumps?

In general, the lifetime of industrial vacuum pumps is 10,000  operating hours.

Which type of vacuum pump does the industrial sector prefer?

Generally, industrial and automotive fields go for the rotary vane vacuum pumps.

What kind of vacuum pumps are needed for an explosive environment?

Different vacuum pumps are available based on the directive of 2014/34/UE which is cited for ATEX1 inside and outside surroundings

How to prevent contamination of oil in vacuum pumps?

A standard time of 500 hours is generally recommended for changing the fluids.

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