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The selection of the most suitable compressor for your applications is a critical part of your operations. We have a team of qualified engineers that look after pre and after-sales, service, and maintenance. Air Compressors –products made in Germany believe in providing high-quality Compressors with the perfect match between low investments and high return without compromising the performance and service life, and with maximum availability of spares and support team to cater any issues or advice required for your smooth flow operations and improvement of your facility. SCC compressors are designed for optimal and reliable performance. With proper maintenance and care, Seltec guarantees your long-term service. SCC's advanced and innovative compressor technologies deliver excellent and quietest possible running performance, optimizing energy efficiency with careful conservation of energy resources.

  • High Performance & Durability
  • Cost-Effectiveness

To enable our team to advise on the most suitable compressor model for your operations, you may share with us the below information:

  1. What is the application?
  2. What is the capacity/flow rate required within the facility?
  3. Is there any fluctuation in flow demand between shifts?
  4. What is the working pressure within the facility?
  5. How many hours per day does my compressor operate?
  6. Is the compressor to be installed indoor or outdoor?
  7. What is your allotted area for the compressor?
  8. Will you require clean/dry air (use of dryer and filters)?
  9. Are there any plans for future expansion?

Major categories we supply are as below:


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